The modular features of the EasyFloor® System maximize comfort, efficiency, and flexibility.

How It Works

The EasyFloor® system is composed of two major sections, the Thermal Mass Section and the Tubing Section.

The thermal mass component is responsible for the even transfer of heat to the surface of the floor. EasyFloor® uses a cement-based board for its thermal mass and provides a solid surface for the finished flooring (wood, tile, carpet, etc.). EasyFloor® uses just the right thickness for its thermal mass enabling it to spread the heat evenly, while also providing a good response time to thermostat adjustments.

Systems with a large thermal mass such as in-slab systems may take hours to respond to thermostat adjustments. Other systems that have no thermal mass may heat the floor unevenly.

Modular Tubing

The EasyFloor® System is equipped with a high-tech premium tubing consisting of a cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) with an aluminum core and a PEX inner lining. The tubing is engineered to withstand thermal cycling and is safe for heated, pressurized water. It is also corrosion resistant. This Premium tubing virtually eliminates the potential for leaks.

Grid Module

The grid module (made from recycled plastic), with its unique design, provides a guide for laying down the PEX tubing. Each grid module has guides to allow the tubing be laid down in a straight path, or to follow a curve into a 90 or 180 degree turn. This flexibility allows the system to be customized to fit the needs of every room.

Heat Plates

The heat plates are the metal plates that fit into the guides of the grid module before the tubing is installed. The heat plates help conduct the heat from the tubing to the thermal mass. The radiant barrier (described below) works with the heat plates to reflect heat energy up into the room and not into the ground or space below.

Radiant Barrier

Another unique feature of the EasyFloor® System is the use of a radiant barrier. This prevents heat loss through the ground below by reflecting heat back up towards the thermal mass and into the room. EasyFloor® uses a thin polyurethane sheet with aluminum coating known as Thermal Reflecting Foil to achieve the radiant barrier.

The EasyFloor® System is able to have an efficient and effective radiant barrier because the tubing base module creates an air space between the tubing and the barrier. Without this space, heat would radiate downward as well as upward which is not what you want in a radiant heat system for it would result in a loss of heat.

Acoustic Barrier

The air space between the tubing and the barrier also functions as a sound barrier. This space creates a significantly more effective sound barrier than those that other radiant heat systems offer.

Heat Sources

The EasyFloor® System works with a wide variety of heat sources that include natural gas boilers, geo-thermal heat pumps, on-demand hot water heaters, solar collectors, wood burning boilers, etc. This gives you the flexibility to decide which heat source is best for your installation.

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