Hydronic Floor Heating System

This system produces comfortable, warm radiant heat by a series of pex tubing filled with hot water that travels safely under your floor. This type of radiant floor heating is ideal for entire homes, individual rooms, and basements. The system can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer or a professional; it is ideal if you are planning new construction or remodeling your home.

Which System Is Right For You?


EasyFloor™ System

Our EasyFloor™ system is the easiest hydronic system to install, making it possible for you to eliminate the cost of hiring a contractor. These systems work well in your home as they can be placed on the subfloor, allowing for a wide variety of different materials to be placed over them. It doesn’t matter if your home has a hardwood floor, a tile kitchen, or carpeted living room, FloorHeat’s flexible design can fit them all.

Staple Up System

Staple-up radiant heat systems allow for the installation of the system without the additional cost of replacing current floors. It will not add any floor height while allowing current floor coverings to remain in place. The staple-up system is installed under the current sub-floor, between the joists. PEX tubing is installed between the joists using aluminum heat transfer plates to hold the pex against the underside of the sub-floor. The transfer plates are nailed to the sub-floor and also help spread the heat out across the floor.

The staple-up installation is a common re-modeling installation method. The water temperature needs to be a little warmer than an above the sub-floor installation because the sub-floor and floor covering has to be heated to radiate heat into the room. However, these installations can be much cheaper than above the sub-floor installations.


Concrete Systems

These hydronic systems can be encased in concrete slabs or placed over existing ones in a garage, basement or any shallow foundation. The basement is a perfect location to install a radiant system, because it allows your home to be heated from the ground up with a radiant floor acting as primary or supplementary heat source. It is also an ideal solution for keeping your garage warm during the harsh winter months, making sure that any vehicles or stored items are not damaged by the cold.

Outdoor Systems

FloorHeat’s outdoor systems can melt snow on contact, making your shovel and blower obsolete while giving you the peace of mind that your walkways and driveways are ice-free. In the winter time, heavy snow and ice can be both frustrating and dangerous. Not only is walking up your driveway a chore, it can be a hazard to you, your family and visitors. Salting, shoveling and other removal methods may not always solve this problem, especially if there is constant snowfall.

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